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Vows and Visions: Rustic Bohemian Weddings at Our Haven

We know that choosing the right wedding theme is an exciting yet challenging decision. If you're still on the hunt for that one-of-a-kind theme that resonates with your love story, we've got something enchanting to share with you!

Say hello to the Rustic Bohemian theme – a captivating blend of nature's elegance and free-spirited charm. We're thrilled to share these delightful images from real weddings hosted at Our Haven Events Place to show how you can incorporate rustic bohemian themes into your own wedding!

🌿 Wooden Allure

Photo by ANIYA Photo

Embrace the magic of rustic bohemian charm as wooden elements become the heart and soul of your wedding day. Consider revealing a grand bride through a gracefully crafted wooden door, or sharing heartfelt moments around elegantly rustic wooden tables.

🍂 Dried Floral Delights

Highlight the rustic bohemian theme by using dried flowers and leaves in your floral arrangements, such as bouquets, boutonnieres, and aisle arrangements. Combine different types of flowers and textures to accentuate the rustic bohemian style.

🌾 Pampas Galore

Take your rustic bohemian wedding to new heights by embracing the delicate allure of pampas grass. Picture it gracefully dancing among your floral arrangements, lending a magical touch that perfectly complements your theme.

💫 Whimsical Whispers

Capture moments of whimsy and wonder, where swing seats invite stolen glances and fairy lights twinkle like stars, casting a magical glow as day turns into night. Why not incorporate a teepee photo area into your celebration? This charming addition not only provides a unique backdrop for capturing timeless moments but also adds a dash of rustic bohemian flair to your special day.

🌅 Sunset Palette

Use earthy tones of terracotta, sage green, dusty rose, and muted gold, capturing the hues of a desert sunset. Let the colors blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings. You may also incorporate these colors into your wedding elements/symbols that will nicely match your theme.

💫 Does this moodboard resonate with your heart?

If this moodboard speaks to your heart, let's embark on the journey together! Reach out to us at Our Haven and let's bring your Rustic Bohemian wedding dreams to life and create a wedding day that's nothing short of enchanting.


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