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Rain Will Not Stop This Couple From Having Their Dream Garden Wedding

It's every couple's prayer to have perfect weather on their wedding day, especially if it will take place in a garden. However, the weather had a different plan in store for our couple Gem and Jayza. Rain began pouring down just when the ceremony was about to start, but the couple did not lose heart. Determined to proceed with their garden wedding, the couple made a last-minute addition to their ceremony– white umbrellas*!

The ceremony continued with light rain and the guests stayed with the couple to witness their vows.

And so, in Our Haven's Arbor Garden, amidst the rain and surrounded by their loving and supportive guests, Gem and Jayza proved that a little rain could not dampen the spirit of love, happiness, and celebration. Their rainy garden wedding became a beautiful memory that they would carry with them, a reminder of their enduring love and the joy of embracing life's surprises together.

Check out NK Photocinema's photos of their wedding below!

*The white umbrellas were rented out by the couple prepared by Our Haven.

Wedding Package Availed: Jasmine Package

Venue & Stylist: Our Haven Events Place | Entourage Flowers: Blossoms and Vows | Photo and Video Team: NK Photocinema | Emcee: Host Liza Engcoy | Coordinator: Los Fabulosos Events Management


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