Aster Package

For 30-80 guests


Spacious and Beautiful Venue

  • Garden or amphitheatre for ceremony

  • Garden and/or pavilion for reception  

  • Garden for Cocktails

  • Stringlights in the reception garden

  • 3-level treehouse  

  • Open air cottage

  • Expansive parking space  

  • Use of house for preparation on the day of the event

  • Overnight stay for 16 persons on the day of the event  

Delightful Dining Experience with Elegant Arrangements

  • Your choice of buffet menu  (1 pork or beef, 1 chicken, 1 fish, 1 pasta, 1 dessert, rice, flowing iced tea) 

  • Customer-oriented wait staff to assist and serve your guests 

  • Complete and elegantly skirted buffet set-up 

  • Linen covered round tables and tiffany chairs 

  • Stage set-up  for the couple 

  • Presidential table set-up for the principal sponsors(*maximum 3 pairs) 

  • Centerpieces on each table  


  • Free use of venue as prenuptial photo shoot location

  • Free use of wooden frames to serve as photo display nook

  • Free use of  bird cage for additional styling

  • Free use of tables for the wedding cake, giveaways , and registration